Erica PhotoHi! I am Erica Sosna the Founder of The Life Project. I am an author, coach and speaker. I stand up for your right to decide what you want out of your career. I help passionate people grow prosperous, exciting businesses that suit their lifestyle, personality and dreams.

The Life Project:

Our aim is to design programmes that give people an education in how to thrive, in the 21st century world of work.

We work in many creative ways to explore how best to deliver interactive programmes that addressed confidence, career direction, presentation skills, emotional intelligence, communication techniques and project management –the areas we considered to be crucial to the 21st century employee or entrepreneur.

Erica’s book:

Erica’s first book, Your Life Plan: How to Be The Hero of Your Own Life, was  published by Wiley in 2014. The book brings together lots of her specialist tools and approaches to help you master the art of personal change and realise your dreams.

You get to hear stories of real life heroes, proving that all of us are capable of way more than we think. To celebrate, there will be a number of workshops, events and talks coming up over the next few months. Please join the mailing list to be kept in the loop.

Your Life Plan

Your Life Plan: The Retreat, 4 days residential, Limited to 30 participants

  • Fully residential Early Bird (before 31st Jan 2015) £695.00
  • Camping residential Early Bird (before 31st Jan 2015) £550.00
  • Non-residential Early Bird ( before 31st Jan 2015) £400.00
  • Fully Residential ( after 31st Jan 2015) £795.00
  • Camping residential (after 31st Jan 2015) £650.00
  • Non-residential (after 31st Jan 2015) £500.00
  • Deposit to secure early bird rate £150.00