Erica PhotoHi! I am Erica Sosna the Founder of The Life Project. I am an author, coach and speaker on  21st century work and careers. I help passionate, creative people design careers and grow businesses that suit their lifestyle, personality and dreams.

The Life Project:

Our aim is to design programmes that help people to thrive in the 21st century world of work.

 The working environment in 2015 is a world away from what our parents knew to expect.

The job for life is no more.

Technology has freed us from our desks.

We can do business online, while we sleep.

In this new world, keeping up can be tricky. And the choices are bewildering.

We work with companies to help them create work environments and career journeys through which the full talent and potential of each employee can be realised.

We work with individuals to help them design the career of their dreams – whether it’s a small business, going freelance or changing direction completely.

Welcome to The Life Project. Our aim is to help you realise yours.

Erica’s book:

Erica’s first book, Your Life Plan: How to Find Direction and Take Charge of Your Life, was  published by Wiley in 2014. The book brings together lots of her specialist tools and approaches to help you master the art of personal change and realise your dreams.

You get to hear stories of real life heroes, proving that all of us are capable of way more than we think. To celebrate, there will be a number of workshops, events and talks coming up over the next few months. Please join the mailing list to be kept in the loop.

Your Life Plan